It should be noted that without a good understanding of what modern marketing is all about, new small businesses will face a difficult start. So many new business owners get it all wrong when they tell
themselves it’s too early to begin heavy marketing due to their buisinss still being at its early stage, this
thought, however, is wrong.

Establishing a New Brand

Starting a new business in any field can be very demanding reason why it’s important that business
owners understand the role marketing plays early on. Take for instance building your brand awareness early, doing this will attract top talent who yearn to be part of something new and exciting. Also, making marketing investments early on for your business eventually pay off tremendously in the long run. The first sets of customers gotten at the early stages remain loyal if they have a good first experience.

It is highly important that small business owner knows their customers. Doing this helps you serve your customers best one way of achieving this plan is by creating customer profiles and depending on your business and industry, you can have segments that shows your customers professionals at different organizational levels, or individuals with a particular budget and need.
Creating customers profiles helps business owners understand what their customers need and how
those needs can be met. Once this is done, then you begin to grow awareness for your business with
these customers, gradually.

2. Social Media Marketing
Every new business must have a social media presence. After figuring out who your regular customers
are going to be, connect with them on social media. This is a great way of advertising your business
without having to spend so much. Go to the platforms your target customers use often and create social
media profiles for your business there. If your target consumer is younger, say between 18 to 30 range,
Instagram and Twitter will likely yield good results. For older demographics, Facebook may be a great fit.

3. Building a Local Following
Thirdly every small business owner must build a local community presence. It is no secret that small
businesses are the core of a local-level economy. To raise more awareness for your business in the
community, take part in fundraising events, and other local events. It also helps your brand build a
strong reputation in the community.

Marketing is highly important to very small business and must be taken seriously.

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