I doubt there is any business field that lacks competition. For any business to move to the next level, it
must have overcome some sort of competition or hurdle in that field. Some people in a bid to beat their competitors to the game end up spending more than their business can handle.

However, today we will be giving you 3 options to help you be more competitive on your existing

1. Study your competition

This must be done with every active fiber in your being. Take time out to surf the web, visit your
competition’s social and web properties, subscribe to their mailing lists, take screen shots, catalog and document of what, when and how they are talking about themselves. Doing this, you will notice at any point they begin to alter their tone or message. The more you understand your competitors’ behaviors, the faster you can anticipate if their strategy has changed and the more quickly you can adjust or enhance your own.

2. Narrow your target audience

This may sound strange to many as they will wonder & “shouldn’t I want to sell to more customers?” Well, no. What you want to do is sell your product to more of the right customer. Many businesses work with the 80/20 rule—meaning 80% of the profits are gotten from the top 20% of customers. When you narrow your target audience, you will be able to understand your customer portfolio. Doing this will help you understand your most profitable relationships and pay more attention to your messaging, media mix and overall marketing budgets for that segment.

3. Upgrade your analytics

Google Analytics lets you track things like URL visited, time on page, or pages per session. When added to Google Tag Manager, you will be able to monitor nearly every type of user interaction on your website. The tab manager enables you to monitor where and how the users on your site are interacting, and also just how effective your site is as regarding the roles that feed your sales funnel or lead to a direct sale itself.

Some other things tag Manager can do includes tracking page timers, video plays, button clicks, form
information, window loads, and limitless custom events. Also, it permits reporting on the event data in
Analytics for further detailed analysis down the road.

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